Monday, January 5, 2009

top 10 albums of 2008

I decided my first post of the year was going to be a reflective one. But don't worry, I won't be writing you a cautionary tale on how 2008 was the beginning of the end, or a didactic on how to turn your life around from lessons learned over the past year. No no, what I wanted to do, rather, was the extremely egotistical exercise of listing my top ten albums of 2008. Especially since I spent a bit of time scouring my iTunes play counts in order to figure out whether there was an objective way to come up with this list. And I think I've got it. So with no further ado (also can I mention how pleased that 8 of the 10 artists are Canadian?):
  1. Land of Talk :: Some Are Lakes
  2. Ra Ra Riot :: The Rhumb Line
  3. Wintersleep :: Welcome to the Night Sky
  4. Old Man Luedecke :: Proof Of Love
  5. Basia Bulat :: Oh, My Darling
  6. Shad :: The Old Prince
  7. Wolf Parade :: At Mount Zoomer
  8. Beirut :: The Flying Cup Club
  9. The Stolen Minks :: High Kicks
  10. Chad VanGaalen :: Soft Airplane
CONSUMED: on my iPod, in 4 different countries, and at various altitudes above 10,000 feet

So I'm going to give the blog another go. I must send a thanks to all those kids who asked me about the future of this blog in person. It's always great to get feedback, especially when comments are often quiet. Having said this: 2009 should be the year of comments! Comment away, friends!


  1. Yeah, comments! Here's mine!

    I literally JUST clicked publish on my most recent post: also a musical recap! Great minds, and all that, my friend.

    I love the call for more comments, also. I totally agree, and will raise my right hand and promise to comment more. Here, but on other blogs too. Why not?

  2. Oh, and I agree with #s 4, 5, and 8. Faves of mine for 2008, too.