Friday, January 9, 2009

MEC SuperMicroft cycling jacket

When my friend Ben gifted me with my first road bike (a 12-speed 1980s Velo Sport), I didn't really know how far I would dip into the cycling world. Before I knew it, I found I had outfitted myself with a Chrome bag and a $100 New York-ready chain lock. I was changing my own busted tubes (and patching those that were repairable). But then the weather turned, and I found myself climbing the stairs to the subway more and more. Suddenly, after a month of commuting by train, I decided that the New York winter was mild enough that it was possible to ride to work. It was time to get back on the saddle again.

My only problem? I didn't have a wind or water-resistant coat.

Thankfully my decision to ride came just prior to a trip home for the holidays. And so I went to the new Mountain Equipment Co-op that opened up 15 minutes from my parents' house and bought me a cycling jacket. For $50 (made in Canada too! who ever said locally-made was more expensive?), I got exactly what I needed. And it's already saved me twice from the weather (wind once, and rain another).

CONSUMED: Mountain Equipment Co-op; 1030 Brant St, Burlington

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