Friday, January 16, 2009

The Lodge

Tonight, on the way home from dinner, I bumped into my roommate with two of her friends. They were off to The Lodge, I place I've come to associate with night-caps and late night beers. Tonight we all drank Old Fashioneds, and it reminded me of my first love, the whiskey sour.

Dory and I decided that this was the year of more roommate beer nights, which likely means The Lodge will be seeing more of us. I would love it if I could get to know at least one bartender before leaving the city, and it would be great if The Lodge could facilitate that.

CONSUMED: The Lodge; 318 Grand St, South Williamsburg (Brooklyn)


  1. My friend Danny used to work at Lodge on Friday nights (not sure if he still does). If you ever happen to see a generally tall/skinny actor/musician/bartender there, ask him to make you the spiciest/most delicious Bloody Mary you'll ever taste! (He'll even offer you a glass of water on the side).

  2. Perhaps we need to go together, T, to ensure we have the right man. Also meeting a bartender is always easier when you're introduced.