Friday, January 23, 2009

Biochemical Pathways poster

click on pic for glorious detail

I hated biochemistry; too large a volume of chemical structures and pathways that were never really studied in context. In the end it became a memorisation exercise. But my aversion to six-carbon rings and all things cyclical did not stop me from pausing to appreciate this incredible poster from 1993 detailing some of the more essential biochemical pathways.

Perhaps to his credit, Gerhard Michal (editor) appears to have lifted a page from Harry Beck, including the choice of a similar typeface. Which is maybe why I'm curiously able to over look the content and appreciate the poster for its aesthetic. I'm just trying to decide now whether it would be missed if it was to be removed from my department, and where exactly I would put it if it was to somehow fall into my hands.

CONSUMED: my work; Manhattan


  1. i'm pretty sure that this poster is dying to see the left coast, and i for one think that you should help it do so. plus, i somehow doubt anybody in your dept appreciates it more for its aesthetic value.

  2. ah katie! don't encourage me! yet at the same time... it's going to happen i think.

  3. Where can I get this poster?

  4. hey! where can i find a poster like that? it would be very useful for me too!
    thanks in advance!

  5. i got mine yesterday
    just google roche biochemical pathways wall chart and email their customer services in your country
    you will get a free goody bag!