Monday, January 19, 2009


Can someone please explain to me how I've all of a sudden become a Klondike addict? And I continue to play it even though my personal winning record is something like 1 out of 10 games. I've never used it before to procrastinate while at work, nor did I ever play it for the past 3 years that I had my old iPod. But now it's inexplicably my favourite thing to do when I'm on the train. Poor Grapes of Wrath is being neglected thanks to a simple game of solitaire.

CONSUMED: on various forms of New York public transit; Manhattan and Brooklyn


  1. My #1 time waster of all time is online hearts. I don't even know what this game is but it sounds dangerous. Keep it away from me.

  2. It's actually just your run-of-the-mill solitaire. I always used to ask why people would play it for hours on their PCs. Now I understand.