Monday, January 12, 2009

The General Greene

Working in Brooklyn, at least for a day, provides unbelievable benefits. Like meeting friends at The General Greene in Fort Greene for lunch. I had the roasted pork sandwich with pickled okra and a spicy aioli (perfectly spiced if you asked me). Kathleen had the meatball hero. And John had banana bread (supposedly amazing ... I didn't try it) and yogurt. Simple food for simple folk, also exemplified by their order-at-the-counter system for lunchtime. Who wants to make the trek for dinner?

CONSUMED: The General Greene; 229 Dekalb Ave, Fort Greene (Brooklyn)


  1. Haven't you eaten at Stoney's Bread Company down on Kerr St in your old stomping grounds?? Oh, how much you miss.....

  2. The only time I've tried, it was closed. They don't like home-for-the-holiday folk, it seems.