Thursday, January 29, 2009

book cover for The Mysteries of Pittsburgh

I'll admit it without shame. I judge books by their covers.

Because that's exactly how I ended up buying this edition of "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh," the first book written by my new favourite author Michael Chabon.

Now all I want to do, even before reading this book, is to buy its brethren (which are also designed by Milan Bozic).

CONSUMED: Chapters; Oakville (Ontario)


  1. Ohhh so pretty. i liked the Chabon i read (yiddish policeman's union; loved it but not the wrap-up), but the other 2 books in the series i didn't really like. = dilemma.

  2. Oh, how funny! I used to work with Milan at HC...

    These new editions *are* lovely. I kind of want to frame them.

  3. This is one of my favorite debut novels of all time, especially when he makes fun of Phlox's obsession with French lit. Classic.

    Although my cover is not as cool.

  4. hey, do you think Bozic stole the smokestack idea from that cover? or does the industrial smokestack play a central role in the book? wait don't tell me. let me remain intrigued by the image. it will encourage me to actually read the damn thing (rather than passively admire the artwork).

  5. Congrats on finding MOP! Despite winning numerous awards for his others, I still think this is Chabon's finest work.

    Incidentally, it was also the cover that first led me to pick up MOP back in 1993 on a discount table for $1.98. (I ended up with a first edition/first printing hardcover, much to my surprise these 15+ years later!)

    One word of note: if you do enjoy the book, I wouldn't rush out to see the film adaptation this coming spring. I won't ruin the story for you, but SEVERAL plot points have been changed and KEY characters have been omitted, reduced in scope, and had their sexual identies changed.

    Which is why I launched the Official MOP Film Boycott:

  6. Smokestack? You're thinking too industrial. Too Williamsburg. Think dreamier... think cloudier...

    Forgot there was a movie coming out. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

  7. Kurt, this is one of my favorite books by Chabon--I've read it over and over. But you've definitely got the better cover. Let me know when you first read about the Cloud Factory...

  8. cloud factory. oh man. i thought it would kill it for me, but it's even better to know! it's gonna happen. right after i finish my grapes of wrath (which i'm also enjoying very much).