Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fette Sau

I've been asked countless times whether I am vegetarian. I guess I understand how people may confuse my leftie leanings with vegetarian-like tendencies. But I am a carnivore through and through.

And as a lover of meat, Fette Sau is heaven.

I insist that it's the some of the best barbecue around (note: no claims to authenticity). And what with their equally tasty sides of broccoli, potatoes and beans, topped up with a fine array of beers ... well I'm just going to have to stop right here before I drool on my keyboard.

CONSUMED: Fette Sau; 354 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg (Brooklyn)


  1. Don't forget about the whiskey! Such a fine whiskey selection they have. As soon as I'm back to eating meat (AHEM) let's go!

  2. get better (with your meat aversion) soon!