Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The 700 Club

Not having been dancing in months meant that I couldn't resist the lure of the 700 Club. The first time I visited Kim in Philadelphia, she brought me to this dive bar in Northern Liberties, only a few doors down from her own, that on Saturdays turns its second floor into a sweaty shake-a-thon. This past Saturday I was back in Philly visiting Kim, and once again we shamelessly absconded from her own party, eagerly climbing the wallpapered stairwell to join the ranks of plaid-clad hipsters shaking booty to Beyoncé.

CONSUMED: The 700 Club; 700 N. 2nd St, Northern Liberties (Philadelphia)

Friends: I *need* to go dancing more often than once every three months. Please save me.


  1. I believe Miss Lindsy would be the person to ask... Otherwise, I've heard tell of some Brazilian place down under the bridge, by Diner. I also remember some pretty fantastic dance jams on Election Night at Black Betty.

  2. The Brazilian place under the bridge is called Bembe and it's a dark, sinister place. If I am drunk enough (I'm talking 3AM drunk), I'll go back.