Thursday, January 15, 2009

La Rondine (at the Met Opera)

Never did I think that I would sit in the 9th row (orchestra) of the Met Opera. And yet I did, thanks to Katie and the MetOpera weekend ticket draws. We went to see Puccini's "La Rondine" (which recently got a mention in NY Magazine's "Approval Matrix") and I gaped all the way through the first act. Opera has been one of those classical art forms that I have yet to fully embrace. And perhaps to my disservice, some of my first opera experiences involved 12.5 hours of Ring-series Wagner, sitting in the last possible row of the Met Opera House. So this time, when I got to engage not only musically but visually, with facial expressions and costumes and set details all accessible without the use of binoculars, well I can honestly say that I can understand why one might pay premium prices for those seats. Here's to more opera in my life.

CONSUMED: La Rondine; The Metropolitan Opera House, Lincoln Center; Upper West Side (Manhattan)

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  1. Upper right corner of the Approval Matrix, yeah! And we were definitely sitting super-close if I could tell that her hair was a wig!

  2. Yeah I *thought* that hair was too perfect. But then I'm always fearful of calling people out on their wigs.