Sunday, November 2, 2008

New York City Marathon

New York: today I watched thousands of people, natives and foreigners alike, run through your streets. Last year, I anxiously waited for friends at Mile 19 somewhere between 110th and 120th on 1st Avenue, jumping up and down and forgetting any sense of modesty when they arrived. I was so proud of their achievement.

This year, it was in Mile 10 in Brooklyn that I stood, and clapped, and cried encouragements to strangers, and marvelled at this wonder that is a marathon. And again, I was so proud. Proud of these thousands of strangers and their race. Proud of the spectators and their anonymous and unlimited support for the runners. Proud of you, New York, for letting people take over your streets, for opening your 5 boroughs, for providing an opportunity for people to celebrate people — all in this single feat of inhuman endurance.

CONSUMED: S 5th and Bedford; Williamsburg (Brooklyn)

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