Saturday, November 1, 2008

apple pie

I used to bake a bunch. I don't really remember why (it's not like I was cooking for an especially appreciative crowd), but I did. Cookies, cakes, loafs. Then somehow, I stopped. More recently I've picked up a signature dish: zucchini bread. And that's all I make.

So when an out-of-town friend suggested that we make pie for an impromptu stay-in Hallowe'en dinner (using apples from the Union Square farmers market... oh stuffwhitepeoplelike, eat your heart out), complete with ginger whipped cream (whipped by hand, thanks to my stubborn insistence), I think I've found a new favourite dessert.

CONSUMED: my apartment; Brooklyn

Today marks the first day of NaBloPoMo. I pinky-swore with Emily and Dory this past week to adhere to the simple rule of daily blogging during the month of November. I think I have a one-up on them because I already blog daily during the week.

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