Monday, November 24, 2008

Harmony Organic milk

Ever since I starting shopping at the greenmarket here in New York, I've become obsessed with local foods. In particular, I've grown attached to buying milk from the local dairy, Ronnybrook, even though it's not organic. Something about the wistful (but environmental) use of glass bottles, knowing the milkmaid, and buying into the "local is better than organic" mantra.

But Toronto has a one-up on New York: it has Harmony Organic, a dairy farm within 200 miles (beats the Stonyfield coming from Vermont) that is also organic. Good to know for that time when I move back, whenever that will be.

CONSUMED: St Lawrence Market; 92 Front St, Toronto


  1. And I, as your neighborhood milkmaid, will rest better knowing you will be properly dairyed whenever it is you move back. Maybe research should begin soon for San Diego...

  2. I couldn't agree with you more! Going local helps in so many ways and creates a personal connection. Funny that emiliejolie mentioned San Diego. I recently moved to Southern California and have found a great locally produced organic milk. Not sure if they deliver in glass bottles but I do know that they have high standards for producing their milk. Cows graze and live on chemical free grass and naturally grown corn. The milk is called Heritage Organic milk. So if you move here, no worries. We got you covered! :)

  3. My roommate gets local milk in glass bottles, too (Lancaster Farm Fresh non-homogenized cream-top). The only annoying thing is that they don't refill/reuse them! You just have to chuck them in the recycling. So sad.