Monday, February 9, 2009

La Superior

Excellent (and cheap) Mexican for the South Side! This small BYOB spot has something good going, and come summer I'm sure they're going to be busting at the seams with clientele (here's hoping they put out a patio).

CONSUMED: La Superior; 295 Berry St, Williamsburg (Brooklyn)


  1. Wow -- for serious?! I'm so sad I don't live anywhere near close enough to go to this place regularly...

    When will you come visit Toronto?!

  2. if by "visit" you mean "move home before leaving for SD," then this summer, likely july. i have a defense date: may 1st! yikes!

  3. AAHHHHHHH!!! SO EXCITING!!! The "move home before leaving for SD!!!"

    And the defense date -- that's exciting too.