Monday, February 2, 2009

Beauty Bar

Somehow, Beauty Bar has become my department's watering hole of choice, which is strange considering that we're scientists, not hipsters, and that it's a good 10 blocks away.

OK well maybe some of us are hipsters.

The caveat of Beauty Bar is also what gives it its name: free manicures with the purchase of a beer. Instead of the odour of beer-soaked floors, the volatile scent of acetone permeates the room. I smell enough chemicals in my lab that I would prefer not to inhale more during our social hour. But it's the small price to pay for the good company of my workmates (and to capitalise on $3 Blue Point Toasted Lagers).

CONSUMED: Beauty Bar; 231 E 14th St, East Village (Manhattan)


  1. There is a great story floating around in my memory about going to one of Stephin Merritt's DJ nights at Beauty Bar years ago, and going outside with Tanveer and Lexi to pretend to smoke when Stephin took a smoke break, so we could say hi. Then Lexi tried to get invited to a party he was having in honor of short people, but Stephin said she couldn't come because she was too tall.