Thursday, October 16, 2008

Brooklyn neighbourhood poster

There's something kitschy and yet great about the self-referential act of hanging a poster of your city (or borough as the case may be) on your wall. Maybe it wouldn't happen so much in Baltimore or in St. Louis where surely most people are not moving to the city and therefore still going through a rose-tinted glasses honeymoon phase. But here in New York, where everyone is a transplant, it's just as natural as water is wet.

When I first saw the poster (designed by Jenny Beorkrem) in my friends' apartment, I thought to myself: "I could do that!" right down to the choice of DIN Engshrift as the font (it is in my top 5 sans serifs). But the execution is so simple and elegant, that in truth, we should all be happy that I never tried.

CONSUMED: Humboldt Ave; Williamsburg (Brooklyn)


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