Tuesday, June 2, 2009

thesis tattoo

In anticipatory celebration of my thesis, and in keeping with my theme of body modification to mark life milestones, I recently gifted myself with a new tattoo. I was initially inspired by scenes from Werner Herzog's film "The White Diamond" that, in part, documented a colony of swifts that lived in behind a waterfall. My fascination was further fuelled by those seemingly sentient flocks of starlings that appear to move as one organism. Knowing it was impossible to recreate such dynamic beauty, I resigned myself to designing a static flock of starlings that flew up my arm, across my shoulder, and down my back. 53 birds in all, each represents a member of my blood-related family; they are, in fact, the reason for why I am where I am today.

CONSUMED: Flyrite Tattoo; 492 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg (Brooklyn)

Shout out to Mike Lucena, my artist, who was awesome — easy-going and efficient, he was the epitome of a tattoo artist.

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